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Hello everyone.  This about page is just my official welcoming of everyone to this site.  I honestly don’t know anything about blogging.  Like nothing at all.  Honestly, I barely ever look at blogs unless I want to find out something specific that I think the bloggers might have some good insights on.  Having said that I thought blogging might be a good conduit for me to improve my writing.  I have a million movies stuck in my head running incessantly that make conversation and concentration pretty difficult from time to time.  Reading, watching and listening to good stories helps as well.  Long narrative shortened, I want to improve my ability to get these stories out.

What makes this site “narratively raw” is that I am going to do my best to give you straight up “rawness” in regards to my writing process.  You are gonna see the drafts that belligerently crash and burn.  You will see the stories that were just plain dumb and didn’t deserve a try in the first place.  You are gonna see the experiments and practice stories.  I’m gonna take writing like so many artists take drawing and painting.  The other part that is “raw” about the site is that my work is out here in the open.  Part of my hopes for the site is that visitors provide me with some feedback.  Am I conveying my stories well or not?  Have I improved at all?  Whatever you are thinking just say it; obviously within tasteful parameters.
I’m also going to include the stories that I enjoy.  I’m not a medium snob at all.   Engaging, thought provoking narratives come in so many different forms.  I appreciate them all.  The picture above is just a little collage of some of my favorite works.

Music is also extremely important to me.  I probably do not but would like to think I have synesthesia. (b/c I think it’s a precursor to human super powers).  I like to imagine that when I listen to music all of my faculties experience the story together and that somehow the essence of the music is somehow infused in the work.  Probably not, but it would be awesome if that were true so I intend to pretend it is.  Honestly, when I listen to music and write at the same time it can go either way.  Sometimes I focus on the work and the words just flow whereas other times I end up loosing my focus on the current story and imagining new narratives or thinking of totally random things.  Blame it on my ADD.  I said all of that just to say I will also be sharing the music that I listen to while I read and or write.  It might be helpful.  It might not.  You might hear some stuff you like.  I don’t know.

So…Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy the shit in my head.  May my lies be of some value.

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