RCO020I have just caught up on the story of the Old Man Logan series in which readers find Wolverine having aged quite a bit; to the point of an old man as the title obviously indicates.  Old Man Logan follows a Wolverine of the future who after being tricked into killing the other X-Men lives long enough to watch all of the heroes fall and witness a time when the world is a cluster f*** of crap run by villains and the descendants of the Hulk.  Yes, the Hulk looses his mind and apparently becomes a prolific stud horse pumping out progeny so much so that an entire new race of super human hulksters comes into existence.  Those crazy sons and daughters of Hulk rule a wasteland type region of the world that I am pretty sure is California.  Overall, this World is segmented into strange domains and is lorded over by Doom.  I do believe that Doom doesn’t really mess with the wastelands of the Hulk though.  And really, who would?  It’s a land with a large population of ugggh Hulks.  Wolverine, realizing there is nothing he can do as a lone X-Men survivor takes a passive stance idly doing his best to enjoy his life in an attempt at happiness with a wife and two children.  But Old Man Logan can not hide from the trouble that naturally follows the Wolverine.  At some point the Hulk gang comes calling to his house and kills his entire family.  Enraged, Wolverine sets out to find answers and claw some ass but instead of finding any semblance of an answer he finds himself so lost that he can’t even trust his own memories.  I have been reading through the series for the chapters that exist so far but honestly it is still confusing as to whether Doom and a hand full of others like Tony Stark and Apocalypse are controlling a system of numerous dimensions segmented off into zones or if Wolverine was in a universe that was zoned off and was then L3transported into different dimensions.  I am still a bit lost in this regard although I anticipate further clarification in later chapters.  Characters have differing depths of knowledge into Wolverine’s situation making the continuity rather complicated.  At this point I am seriously considering the possibility that his mind has reached a stage beyond Deadpool and he is now trapped in a weird state of consciousness caused by a brain with an aging healing factor.  I guess I am thinking it could like having degenerative brain function loss like Alzheimer’s disease while simultaneously having a brain that constantly reforms connections.  Wolverine also seems to be considering this as well.  Well he doesn’t exactly consider Alzheimer’s as a possibility but he does consider the idea that his mind might be jacked up or Emma Frost might be screwing with him again.


The cool thing about this comic is really the multiverse incorporated into the plot.  This means that you get numerous conceptual versions of many of your favorite Marvel characters.  You get to see many younger and of course older versions of them as well. The concept and the imagination is the best thing about this series.  I also love the art.  It works as a precise compliment to the action and feel of the writing.  The lines aren’t clean and everything is dark but it conveys the tone of the narrative perfectly.  Wolverine looks like Old Man Logan; weary and tired but still the same durable and persistent beast. This comic is really a Marvel characters tour de force, in my opinion, far better than anything they try to do with other massive line ups in a single series.   It relies heavily on the rich history and mythology of Wolverine making it also an absolute tour de force for his character.  If you are a Wolverine fan or a general Marvel fan then you will love this series.