Big Brother (Uchiha Fanfic)

Updated- Daily

This is an Itachi and Sasuke fan fiction that places the dynamic of their brotherhood in our reality. The Sharingan is described as a combination of an ocular condition and synesthesia, an actual condition that is characterized by experiencing the somatic responses of different senses simultaneously within the somatic responses of other senses. I.e. You might see certain shapes and colors when you hear corresponding sounds. This story places Uchiha Itachi in high school as a star athlete and pupil who is struggling with his strange condition. Experiencing the pain and torment of the Sharingan forces him to worry for his brother who is beginning to show signs of also having the same condition. Itachi is forced to decide how best to protect his brother from the pain of the Sharingan which will likely soon manifest itself in him while also trying to deal with his own torment. In this story, Uchiha Itachi is just as you would expect him to be. And Sasuke is just as you might expect him. I am doing my best to stay true to the complicated fraternal love that Kishimoto Masashi has developed in the Manga.