I had been waiting for this one for quite a while.  I originally saw some of the concept art for the movie on Pinterest and Tumblr.  I liked the style and look of the art right away and that really just kind of drew me into wanting to see this movie.  Let me say something right off the bat.  This is one of the most impressive movies to come out of Disney in years. 1026548-zootopiaconceptart-01 The animation and imagination are top rate.  It’s beyond amazing.  I keep wondering how long it took them to make the fur on the animals look that amazing.  Kids will love it obviously because of the pure entertainment factor.  But this movie is one of those that can be enjoyed on various levels. This movie has a deep and meaningful heart; especially given the circumstances of the day.  It touches the core of a number of serious social issues in a way that is real but maintains a classical humor that keeps you laughing.  It’s animated absurdity that strikes a profound reality.  Kind of like a great comedian who can make you laugh and think simultaneously.  The amazing thing is just how nuanced they manage they view the themes in the story.  It’s the kind of art that is aesthetically beautiful while tugging at the strings of your heart.  Granny sitting next to her thirty year old son and her 5 year old granddaughter can laugh at all the same parts for different reasons.  Transcendent genius in this movie.  You are thinking…”Come on.  It’s a fc6039f4504eb2b5cd19e283228861a6Disney movie.” Surely you can find some ridiculous underlying message in it like the Little Mermaid in which it back handedly tells women to be quiet and pretty and you will find the man of your dreams. LOL.  None of that bull crap here.  This is pure thoughtful art in a beautiful form.  If you can find a shitty message here, then you are probably an asshole that is just looking for things to complain about.  Don’t be that gal or guy.  There is really no need for that here.  As this movie has just come out in theatres I will stay away from giving away any plot details and since I can’t get into the themes of the story without giving away plot details because the narrative and its morals are so deeply involved in the story, a mark of good story telling, I will just shut up right here.  All I will say is that if you like good narratives, beautiful art, deep and relevant themes, good-natured comedy then you need to see Zootopia. Also, if you have kids and you just want them to see something good then go watch Zootopia.