It’s been so hard for me to see Boruto- Naruto the Movie here in the states.  The small U.S. was ill-timed for me so I was unable to see it in theaters.  Subsequently, I waited and waited for it to be released in some fashion that I could get my eyes on it.  I waited to no avail.  So far as I am aware, nothing has been released so as of yet.  SMH. However,  a resourceful and dedicated fan such as myself, always finds a way eventually.  And no I didn’t catch a bird and fly to Japan.

The wait was well worth it.  I absolutely loved this movie.  I can’t think of one bad thing to say about it.  I watched it yesterday.  I watched it today and I am pretty sure that I am going to watch it again tomorrow.  It is awesome.  I think any long time fine of the manga will be like-minded in regards to Boruto- Naruto the Movie.  It holds very fast to all of the key themes of the manga thereby doing great justice to Masashi Kishimoto’s work.

1380721009026896962The key themes and elements that draw fans to the manga are all present in the movie making it a fan delight.  Kishimoto spends a great deal of effort in the manga dealing with personal connections like those of family, friendship and an overarching understanding between people in general.  Boruto includes all of this.  For the most part, the story deals with Boruto (Naruto’s son) navigating through a strained childhood relationship between he and Naruto who is now the 7th Hokage.  As Hokage, Naruto is extremely busy and rarely has time to spend with his family.  In the movie, he uses shadow clones in order to attend to all of his Hokage-ly duties.  The other Hokage were certainly busy in their times but Naruto’s time as Hokage is different.  He is a modern Hokage.  For instance, Konoha has grown considerably larger in size.  It grows imagesfrom a village into a full fledged city.  Apparently, just like modern heads of state, Naruto is busy with press engagements as well as bureaucratic nonsense and of course, governing the nation.  It’s actually really cool to see him have to deal with all the minutia of governing the village.  The obligations of the position of Hokage place time constraints on him and this leads to stress in his family life.  Hinata and their daughter Himawari, seem to be fairly understanding of Naruto’s situation but Boruto is not.  He comes to resent his father for not being there for the family.  This really comes to a head when he sends a shadow clone to attend Himawari’s birthday party in his stead.  And Boruto is quite similar to his father.  His way of expressing his anger is not the best.

Although Boruto was feeling ignored by his father and you can easily sympathize with hisnaruto-gaiden-the-seventh-hokage-5687627 thoughts. I still found myself feeling most sad for Naruto.  Naruto understands how hard it must be on his son to go without a lot of attention from his father.  More than anyone, Naruto can understand that.  However, Naruto is too busy to spend the quality time with him that he would like.  It places Naruto in a tricky situation.  One of the things that I like most about the story is how Boruto eventually comes to an understanding about his father.  And Uchiha Sasuke plays a tremendous role in this.  I enjoyed that tremendously.  Boruto the movie is kind of the exact opposite of the short manga series about Sarada that came shortly after Shippuden ended.  In that manga mini- series Naruto takes Sarada on an adventure to help her understand her father.  Just an observation.  It’s kind of cool how Sasuke’s daughter idolizes Naruto while Naruto’s son idolizes Sasuke and it they both have to take turns to help their children understand them.

Boruto_series_promotional_artThe “Nakama” – comrades- friends- theme is really strong.  One thing that I have always loved about the manga and the anime is how naturally Kishimoto wrote personal interactions.  They feel so real.  The story-line delves into camaraderie simultaneously along the progressions of generations.  You see the children born of the Naruto’s generation and you experience the new friendships those children get to create.  The new team 7 with Konohamaru, the former pupil of Naruto and the grandson of Sandaime, as the head and Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki as his subordinates.  I mean, I literally felt nostalgic looking at the new team 7.  And when Boruto puts on Naruto’s old jacket and ties on his headband with that smirk on his face I thought I might fucking cry.  I’ve spent twelve years in the Naruto universe so he is a true homie.

The progress of generations is not just seen in the children and the aging of our old heroes.  Likewise is it seen in the technology added to the Naruto Universe.  While there were definitely weird computers and odd blendings of technology and ninjitsu in the manga and earlier movies, technology takes a more defined and prominent role in this movie.


Although the fight scenes are awesome in the movie.  Believe me.  They are.  The fights and villains take a backseat to the primary theme of the narrative.  I don’t want to really spoil anything so I will say is “You will enjoy the fights but you will love the movie for the nostalgia.”            Sarada_tries_to_convince_Boruto