I started reading The Chancellor Manuscript by Robert Ludlum during the summer but things got in the way and I eventually found myself weeks removed from my last reading of it so I ended up moving on to other things.  You know how that goes.  You put a book down for too long and going back to it where you left off would be unfair to the narrative.  It messes up the way you internalize the book, not allowing you to ever get the feeling you had when you started from the beginning.  For that reason I like to binge books and read them through with more consistency.  A few days between reads is OK but not weeks.  That might just be me though.

So I am giving this one a second go.  I enjoyed what I have read so far and always planned to go back when I had the time.  Now I am getting the time and so therefore I am going back to it.  I’m trying my best to forget the things I remember of the book so that I might start with a clean slate.  I know it had a lot of interesting plot twists right from the beginning so hopefully I can avoid ruining those for myself.  The plan is to be finish it and post a review in a few days.  Also.  I’m doing my best to not just be a Bourne fan.  I love the Bourne books and the film adaptations so I thought I would try some of Ludlum’s other works.   I’ve heard nothing but praise about them and from what I can remember, (although I am working hard to forget) about this one it is highly likely to live up to the hype.