Ughhh.  I love this song.  I can’t stop listening to it.  It’s kind of ridiculous because I am totally in love with a song about ughhhhh Peter Pan but her voice is gorgeous and also Peter Pan is still one of my favorites.  As I have listened to it over and over I have started to come up with stories dealing with the old Peter Pan theme.  It’s actually a really interesting story in some of its seemingly innumerable versions.  I like the old myth and the original novel as well as the Disney Cartoon and the Robin Williams movie.

Hearing this song brings it all back so melodiously though.  Why don’t music companies sign singers like Ruth B?  I’d buy a record that she puts out just based on this song.

The video at the top has the song with studio quality but her original recording is also amazing.  It’s obviously raw and unplugged and for me that adds a bit more appreciation of it.