Nothing really special here.  Just ran across one these issues online and started reminiscing about some of my favorite issues of Spiderman that I have in my collection.  When I was a kid I read these issues over and over again so I think on them very fondly.  These issues have three of my favorite Spiderman villains in them as well; Puma, Tombstone and Kraven.  I also love anything that has to do with the Symbiotes which includes Venom, Carnage and the black spider suit. But the issues that I think of most during my childhood are these three.  I know The Puma and Tombstone issues are actually parts of a series.  I’m counting the series as one issue.

171 34-3Tombstone_comic  The first two are such cool villains because of the very complicated relationship they have with Spiderman.   Puma goes from being a hired assassin paid to kill Spidey to having a debt of honor with him.  I mean at first Puma is trying to kill Spidey and then later on in order to repay his debt he buys the Daily Bugle for the purpose of printing pro-Spiderman stories.  This issue is actually based on an attempt to clear that debt.

With Kraven there is a situation of mutual respect after the whole Kraven wanting to hunt him down for sport.  Part of the reason I like the Kraven character so much is probably because I was a kid when the cartoon by Fox was on TV.  It gave a lot of attention to the continued relationship between Spidey and Kraven.  I saw the show first and then later picked up the comic at a local comic book store.  I can remember getting it and feeling like I found treasure.  It felt like I found the secret backstory to the cartoon.  I mean this comic was published in 1966.  Funny thing is that this comic actually has far less backstory on Kraven than later comics or even the TV series.  It’s still a childhood favorite though.

Tombstone is just a bad ass character.  That’s it.  Enough said.  He was actually just an all natural albino bad ass who turned criminal once he got older.  The connection to Robbie Robertson added an interesting dynamic to the storyline as well.