I never got into Suits, the USA network series, but I have heard a great deal about it over the past few years that it has been on.  The funny thing is that I hear less about the actual show and more about the soundtrack for the show.  I am a fan of that old sound found in jazz, blues, country rock and any intermingling thereof.  The music on Suits has that sound down to a ‘T’.  Friends have been telling me to give it a listen and since then I have kept it on.  I found a good post on Youtube that has many of the great songs for Harvey Specter.  This one is the best compilation that I have found.  It’s not an official OST but I am pretty sure it’s the best.  Honestly, I don’t care about the show.  I still haven’t watched it.  This music is just the bees knees by itself.  So give it a listen.  Read to it, write to it, sleep to it or just pretend to be on Suits or Madmen and get drunk to it with your legs crossed on an uncomfortable looking sofa.