Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] is a 25 episode anime series based on a game similarly named Fate/stay night which was produced by Type-Moon.  The story follows Rin Tohsaka, a high school girl who has been training to be a mage in preparation to compete in the the 5th Holy Grail imgresWar, and a member of her class, Shiro Emiya.  Emiya begins the story clueless about the tournament of modest ability as a mage but is destined to take part in the war.  The Holy Grail War is actually a tournament between seven mages and their heroic spirits known as servants.  The mages summon servants who they control to varying degrees.  The servants fight for their masters in the battles between mages.  Servants are generally from the past but do not have to be from the past.  They timeless spirits and can actually be summoned from the future.  Remember that!  It is very important to the storyline.  No spoilers but it is essential to the plot, especially in the second season.  The mages basically use the servants but it is not quite that simple.  Servants have free will to some degree and are far more experienced than any mage.  They have their own thoughts imagesand emotions and desires which makes saying that they are controlled by the masters difficult.  The premise of the story is really interesting and the style of the fighting is really awesome as well.  I think their fight scenes surpass a lot of other action anime.  It becomes obvious that a game company had something to do with the fighting scenes.x02-Archer-vs.-Lancer The first season is good but the meat of this story is toward the end of the second season.  If you stop before completing this anime you will find it less compelling.   That is not to say that the first season is bad at all.  It is actually very thrilling but you really need for things to come full circle to truly enjoy everything that happens.  When you find who Tohsaka’s servant “Archer” is you will understand what I am saying.