142588811060664419Everyone has at least some thoughts of changing who they are.  Whether you say you are absolute in your happiness with the person you are or you have lots of things you admittedly would like to change, we as humans can all empathize with thoughts of wanting to improve ourselves.  If that weren’t the case then self-help books and various forms of inspirational material like fitspo and pinspirational quotes wouldn’t be so popular.

The Korean Manwha “Dice” which is available for free view on Webtoons plays on that universal theme.  In this manwha people are afforded the opportunity to change whatever they like about themselves by collecting dice.  In order to collect dice people must complete quests given to them by an anonymous game master named X.   142045053124064320Won dice are rolled to be activated and then used by players to improve personal attributes such as intelligence, appearance, sight, hearing, athleticism or whatever.  Sounds awesome but there is always a catch.  At first the game master “X” doles out relatively benign tasks.  Soon however you find that X has extremely dark intentions.  He creates a game over which he rains.  He plays on the insecure nature of people to control the players by distributing quests that place players in competition with one another.  He also distributes quests based on the deep desires of the players.  He preys on their motivations to create dire consequences which he apparently takes great pleasure in spectating.  142285869112564378

The story follows Dong Tae, a High School Student, who gets a hold of a dice from a new transfer to their school after the transfer student notices Dong Tae’s extremely low position in the social hierarchy of the school. Not to be a spoiler I’ll just say that after that happens an interesting current of events ensues.

Give it a read.  Read the first five chapters and you will be hooked. Here’s a link. http://www.webtoons.com/en/fantasy/dice/list?title_no=64