An autobiography written by the then twenty five year old Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone is an amazing account of the life of a child soldier.  It narrates the story of the author starting at the age of twelve when he found himself forced into the life of a child soldier. I read it years back and I still think about it.  The book is unequivocally raw due to the honesty with which he recounts his emotions and thought processes during that time.  In reading the book you can tell the book is written more for the author than for the reader. It’s like a diary used to give unresolved or confused thoughts a way out so they can be rehashed.

The author’s ability to narrate what is such an alien experience to most in such a way that made it feel totally natural was an amazing feat of prose in and of itself.  As I read I felt a part of place in which such atrocities were ordinary.  A good narrative style will do that.  But that is why it’s a good read.  You go there and for a time you forget what they are doing.  You know that they are just kids and all you can do is feel for them.